“There was an air of expectancy, a quiet orderly rhythm pulsing in your bloodstream, slowly pushing adrenaline through your body, sharpening the senses. The eyes which surround you widened in a sense of wonderment! 

The clear air had a vibrancy, the sky a pale hue filled with the sense of one day fulfilled and the anticipation of what a new day might bring. The decaying clouds giving dramatic mackerel skies the perfect backdrop for the events now unfolding. 

There is no noise, no drama we just drift into the twilight now somewhat merging with dawn. There is an intermittent roar and flash of fire from the burners but really there is just a quiet, a peacefulness, a moment to stare at the sky and consider possibilities. 

Then we are gone, the aerodrome becomes a field again and its grass continues to grow or perhaps just waits in silent anticipation. 

Huddles of people have gathered on the ground and appear to have a purposefulness, intent, waiting. A quiet, respectful gaze meets our incredulous eyes, we feel as though we are stealing their peace, isolation and sleep and yet they wave us on and became non-descript entities within minutes, as though we had returned them to their dreams.”

– Sarah Villiers